Blub street art in Florence. Art knows how to swim underwater art Italy

Florence street art: underwater and signs

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Blub street art in Florence. Art knows how to swim underwater art ItalyWhen you come to Florence, Italy you have to see certain pieces of art. The David, Primavera, and the frescoes in the Cathedral of Santa Maria del fiore are essenziale. We’ve loved those, in fact, some of them made our list of must-see museums in Firenze, but we have also been delighted to stumble upon Florence street art. In the narrow streets and on the street signs, contemporary art is everywhere. We are big fans of guerrilla art and it’s delightful to see the classics with a fresh eye. Searching for street art became one of the top things to do in Florence with kids in our minds.
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Blub’s Art Knows How to Swim
We first noticed the underwater paintings by Blub. The David wearing a scuba mask, two masked kissers, Girl with a Pearl Earring and mask. Famous people, including the Pope and member of the Medici family are included in this romp. Blub Florence street art. Art knows how to swim underwater art Italy I did a little search around the web and found a good piece about Florence street art by Girl in Florence. There I learned that the installation is called ‘L’arte Sa Nuotare,’ or ‘Art Knows How to Swim.’ And that Blub keeps his/her identity secret, not surprising given the pseudonym. I’d love to know why the underwater theme, but for now it’s enough to find these treasures as we stroll around Florence. Blub Florence guerrilla art. Art knows how to swim underwater art Italy
Clet Abraham’s Street SignsFlorence street art. Clet Abraham guerrilla art street signs

At first I couldn’t tell if Clet Abraham’s street art was guerrilla art or if the city of Florence just had really cool signs. They are pretty convincing.

Art Trav posted a nice piece about the artist. She quotes Abraham, “I’m not sure exactly what the fundamental difference is between a graffiti artist and my work. I can say for sure that my stickers are easily removable. It’s essential to me to create works that are in thematically in keeping with the support upon which I am working, to adapt myself thus to any situation with complete respect for the work of others; I try to offer a service with my talent and knowledge. It’s possible that some graffiti artists have a similar work ethic. We do have in common a taste for the mysteries of the night and of surprise; a healthy attitude [or preference] for liberty of expression and breaking of rules – but these are the bases of being an artist!”Florence street art. Clet Abraham guerrilla art street signsFlorence street art. Clet Abraham guerrilla art street signs
More on Florence Street Art
See my interview with Montana rock artist, Montana Banksy, here. Girl in Florence covers several other guerrilla artists. I’m looking forward to finding more! Blub’s Facebook page and Instagram feed. Clet’s Facebook page and Instagram feed.
Other Street Art
The Bushwhick Street Art Tour in New York by the Flying Vegetarian. Florence street art. Clet Abraham guerrilla art street signsStreet art in Florence (Firenze), Italy. Clet and Blub.

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12 thoughts on “Florence street art: underwater and signs”

  1. The underwater art is so cool! I showed my water obsessed 5 year old and she said she wants to go see them. I’d love to know the history behind it!

    1. I would too! I sent her/him a message on FB asking if he/she would do an email interview. We’ll see….

  2. My 3yr haso gotten into street art recently and will be fascinated with the street art. My husband and I have been to Italy but he hasn’t. That’s definitely in the works soon. :)

    1. I hope you go! This is my first time and we are having a blast — and learning so much.

  3. Florence is such a diverse city – I didn’t notice the street art when I was there because I was so engrossed in the classical art. Might have to go back and check out the city’s grittier side!

    1. The classical art is the focus here! But it’s fun checking out what people are doing today–definitely come back.

  4. It is great, isn’t it? And we’ve seen so much more just since I posted this.

  5. The underwater art looks amazing and it’s such a unique concept! As a scuba diver, it definitely holds a special place in my heart!

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