Flyfishing in the Beartooths

Tomorrow I’m heading over to the Beartooths (a big, beautiful, really old mountain range) for a few days. I’ll spend two nights in Red Lodge; hiking and seeing the sights. Then a drive over the Beartooth Highway into Cooke City will leave me at the northeast entrance to Yellowstone. From there it is a lovely drive through the Lamar Valley (famous as the location of the wolf reintroduction in 1995) to Mammoth Hot Springs, then up the Paradise Valley to Livingston.

Look for lots of Red Lodge and Beartooth posts in the next couple of weeks, but for now I leave you with a video of fishing in the Beartooths. Even if you are not an angler, you’ll appreciate this video for its glimpse into one of the most scenic ranges in the world.


The fishing is still good in Montana. Find out more from one of these books.

Image from Amazon
Montana Blue-Ribbon Fly-Fishing Guide
by Steve Probasco

Image from Amazon
Seasons of the Trout: Strategies for the Year-Round Western Angler
by Neale Streeks

Image from Amazon
Seasons of the Angler: A Fisherman’s Anthology
by David Seybold, Joseph Fornelli

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