From smallest to tallest


He’s the new guy. He was born at home on Aug. 19, 2008 (11 days late, but who’s counting?) Finn has the biggest smile around and when he grins at you, it’s an honor. He also has the biggest temper.

Finny loves mimicking his brother, knocking down Lego and Lincoln log structures, being read to, putting things away (especially trash), digging in the sandbox and dipping his toes in creeks.

Nickname: Finnzilla


He’s the big brother. He was born at home on Jan. 30, 2007 (11 days late, but who’s counting?)
Anders has a sweet disposition and so much love. That’s not to say he can’t rock a whine with the best of them.

Anders loves building with Legos and Lincoln logs, puzzles, reading, digging in the sandbox, riding his balance bike and playing in the woods. He loves to talk, talk, talk.

Nickname: Potpie


This full of energy and full of love black lab joined the family with Henry. He enjoys attention, having his tummy rubbed, chasing balls, chasing sticks and swimming in the river while chasing balls and sticks.

Nickname: D-Dog



Pretty much the cutest and sweetest creature around, this handsome Malamute joined the family with Melynda. Love me, love my Rigby. He enjoys hiking, cross-country skiing, walking, having his eyes rubbed and eating carcass.

Nickname: Riggy Roo Roo


She’s the one who writes this blog (and is now writing in third person.) She is pretty even-keeled but known to have fits of crankiness, especially since she hasn’t slept since Jan. 30, 2007.

Melynda is a writer, naturalist, wife, mom, cross-country ski enthusiast, hiker, reader, knitter, jungle gym, napkin, Malamute lover, kid hauler and head over heels about being outside with her family.

Nickname: Mel or mommy. AKA Mama.


He’s the husband and dad. Henry is a clear thinker, all around smart guy and swimmingly handsome. He doesn’t get as cranky as the rest of us, but he’s just as exhausted.

Henry is a filmmaker, computer whiz, baby/kid carrier, lab lover, cross-country skier, hiker, angler, reader, spilled milk mopper, dreamer and crazy about his family.

Nickname: H or daddy. AKA DaDa

The Family

The first thing you notice about us is that we are all tall. Even the temporarily short dudes are tall. The dogs are tall, especially Rigby. That’s just how we roll.

We love to joke around, get outside, read books and hug and kiss each other. Even the dogs (except the reading part.)

These things are important to us

* Getting our nature and recreation fix!
* Trying new things and visiting new places.
* Eating healthy food
* Supporting each other in following our dreams

7 thoughts on “From smallest to tallest

  1. Damien Tougas

    Hey, sounds like your family have a lot in common. Like getting outdoors… check! Like visiting new places… check! Eating healthy food… check! Supporting each other… check!

    Nice to meet you guys!

  2. Mel Post author

    Hi Damien
    Thanks for visiting my blog(s). I’ve been enjoying reading yours and Renee’s blogs for awhile. It’s nice to see other families making it a priority to get outside together!

  3. renee @ FIMBY

    So where were the dogs born??

    Just kidding.

    Our girls were born at home also and Laurent at a freestanding birth center (NJ homebirth was ridiculously expensive – go figure!)

  4. Mel Post author

    The dogs were born at home, too–just not in our home 😉

    It’s weird when it is more expensive to have a child in your own home, isn’t it?

    1. Mel Post author

      Thanks for stopping by! We would love to come to Australia and check out the Blue Mountains, but unfortunately that’s not on our itinerary right now. Maybe we will get there at some point.

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