Garden Update

Pictures from the perennial flower beds and the veggie garden. You can compare them to pictures from earlier in the season here and here.


Anders deadheads the geraniums.
Peach lily

My friend Woody gave me a ton of these lily bulbs last fall which I threw around the ally garden bed without really knowing what they were. They turned out to be quite lovely.
Lilies and penstemon

Lilies with some penstemon that Woody also gave me. I love friends who give me flowers they’ve divided from their garden!
The ally garden

The ally garden.

Henry and Anders watering the little aspen and some ground cover flowers.

“I’m Anders Coble Harrison and I will kick your @$$”

Most of the columbines are done blooming, but there are a few hanging on.

Perennial bed

The front perennial bed. It looks better in real life. And if I had another $100 it would look spectacular. Come back next summer when I can divide and move around some of the bigger plants.

Lavender. Yummy.
Veggie Garden

The veggie garden still has a way to go, but so far I’ve harvested spinach, greens, basil, kale, oregano, parsley, cilantro and two snap peas.
Rigby snout

Garden gnome.
Diesel eye

Another garden gnome.

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