Happy Halloween from the land of magic

Lucky you, you are getting a little Halloween preview. Normally we wouldn’t dress up until Halloween evening, but we had a little pre-Halloween party and got to test out our costumes. I learned mine wasn’t warm enough.

The boys dressed up as a Pegicorn and a Unisus. Those are unicorn/pegasus crosses, if you didn’t know. We were in the Senior Center thrift shop looking for material when Anders spotted the costumes. There were two (both the right size), they are warm, and they were only $2.50 each. I only wish there had been one in my size.

Finn pushing Anders to the party.

In the treehouse. Here’s where someone asked why they were wearing girls’ costumes… I wanted to tell him that a) magical animals are just animals–there has to be a male and a female to keep a species going; b) colors are just colors-boys can like pink and girls can like blue (I do!) and c) girls are super cool, who wouldn’t want to do something like a girl? But, I stayed out of it.

Logan bombs down the slide.

Pegacorn and Unisus in a tree.

Little Red Riding Hood with the creatures. I love when people offer to take our photo, but I wish it wasn’t so fuzzy.

There was good food and drink, and a pinata full of candy. We are prepped and ready for Halloween night.

3 thoughts on “Happy Halloween from the land of magic

  1. brooke

    bummed we missed that one. mattie was being TOTALLY uncooperative about getting ready and I just couldn’t fight it! hope we have better luck tonight!

  2. Granola Girl

    We discussed being sexist in our family when my son really liked things like the pegacorn, and painting his nails, and purple. He would have LOVED this costume. I love that costume. But anyway, it worked very well when people would make such comments. It is even worse when the parents make the comments and our child has to remind the parents, “That is very sexist.” People generally shut up at that point.

    Or you could get all up in the kid’s face (like I want to) and say 1)your costume is instigating violence, 2) it is obviously promoting steroid use, and 3)it is propetuating gender stereotypes which lead to misogyny! You would then be my hero.

  3. Mel Post author

    He’s a sweet kid, with awesome parents, it just hit me the wrong way. With Anders’ love of pink and all creatures magical, I guess I better get used to it.

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