Hike up the “M” and New Lakers Onsies

April 6, 2008

Henry comes home

Daddy is home–let the fun begin!
Yellow Lakers Onesie

Uncle Scott sent a couple Lakers onesies to Anders. Admittedly, yellow is not his best color (mine either; you’ll never see me in yellow), but we like the onesie anyway. Plus, he sent a purple one, too.
Cute Rigby

Rigby is pretty much the cutest dog ever.
Lakers onesie in action.

Lakers onesie in action.
The purple onesie

The purple onesie plus some Lakers socks.
Hiking up the

We went for a little hike up the “M” trail in Bozeman today. The trail climbs up the south face of Mt. Baldy 1.5 miles to the “M” (a 250-foot whitewashed-rock letter). M for Montana State University.
Rigby in the snow

It was pretty warm today, around 50F, so the snow was a welcome relief for Rigby.
Diesel in the snow

Diesel wasn’t complaining either about the chance to roll around in nivean bliss.
Overlooking Bozeman

The City of Bozeman sprawls out below.
Henry overlooks Bozeman

Henry contemplates moving back to Bozeman. Anders contemplates getting out of the backpack and grabbing the camera.
Snack break

We take a little break so Anders can cram a wild rice/quinoa muffin in his face.
Enjoy the sun

We all enjoy a sunny day outside.

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