Home, Again—Winter, Again

March 31, 2008

:p:)) HAPPY BIRTHDAY HENRY :)):p I wish you were here to celebrate.

Anders and I have been home for almost a week now. It’s been a week since we left Buenos Aires, so close enough to call it a week…

I’ve been trying to adjust to winter, again. I normally love winter. I normally love snow. But, I can’t push the stroller through thick snow (and the people around here are famous for not shoveling their sidewalks) and Anders doesn’t have any snow boots; I doubt he could really walk in snow anyway.

I also returned to a dead car. Fortunately, it was Henry’s truck I picked up at the airport. Something is draining my battery because whenever I don’t drive the car for a few days it doesn’t start. No big deal to jump it, but I thought the point of a newish rig was that it would be reliable…

The day after

The day after we returned from our vacation to summer.
Snow Dog

Rigby loves the snow and cold weather. He’d be happy going back and forth between the northern and southern hemisphere chasing winter. Except the flights, he hates to fly.

In addition to getting back to work (I’ve cranked out five gardening articles so far. Now about that ski book…) I’ve been trying to get in some house projects.

After that first snow melted I decided I’d better get the grass seed out before it snowed again. Our yard is basically a mud pit with holes scattered throughout. Part of it is our fault, when we dug out the walkway last fall (…I guess we should finish that soon) we dumped all the dirt in a pile, I mean trendy berm, in the yard. Then we left it.

Part of it is Sweet Rigby’s fault. He loves to dig himself a little dog hole to lay in whenever he is outside. He cannot resist digging in fresh dirt, that’s why the garden is fenced.

So I fenced off part of the yard, raked it well and scattered grass seeds. After another light raking I called it good and hoped for the best. It has snowed several times, so I am expecting a lush lawn any day now.

Seeded yard

The areas of dirt were heavily seeded, while I lightly seeded the rest of the yard. Check out the sweet temporary fence on the right. Both dogs went under it within minutes of me setting it up. Once I stapled it into the frozen earth and leaned a ladder against it, they didn’t have a chance.

The next project on my agenda was getting some seeds started for the garden. I bought a bunch of organic seeds and potting medium before we left for Argentina, so all I needed was a grow light. Luckily, ACE Hardware had a cheap shop light and some expensive bulbs specific to plants and aquariums (I’m set up to be a fish-sitter now, if anyone needs one). A little chain, a couple hooks and we are in business.

Then fill the containers with soilless potting medium (I can’t help it, I spend my days writing organic gardening articles) and then sow the seeds and water thoroughly. I cut up yogurt containers to make labels and I’m basically done until it is time to water again.

I still have a tray and a half to plant, but I have to wade through the snow to the shed to look for more left over contaiers before that happens.

Sown seeds lined up on the table

Sown seeds lined up on the table
More sown seeds

The view makes it look like there are more.

This morning, in honor of Henry’s birthday, there were about 4 inches of snow on the ground (and the roof and everywhere else). Throughout the day another 2-4 inches fell. It was a lot of snow, and it was wet. It took me 45-60 minutes to shovel our walk and driveway.

Snowy day

About half the snow had fallen off the bird feeder by the time I took this picture.

Now to go shovel the back porch.

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