Hunting trees

Last weekend we got our Christmas tree. After passing tons of elk hunters on the way out we found a gun-free location. When you have two boys and two dogs running around uncontrollably, guns aren’t a good idea.

I think the pictures tell the story, so here you go.

All good parents grab their camera when their children face-plant in the snow, right?

A boy and his dog. Well, his mom’s dog, but who is keeping track?

I’m Anders Coble Harrison and I will kick your a$$!

Taking a walk.

Cute boys.

Watch out for the killer dog!

Mousing. He keeps at it even though he has never caught anything.

The best seat in town.

Anders said this was his toilet cleaner. “It smells like stink.”

All smiles.

Now that’s a good picture.

Getting ready to do some sawing.

We caught a tree!

Admiring the tree at home.

Watch out, Anders!

All purty!

One thought on “Hunting trees

  1. Karyn

    I can’t believe how tiny Finn looks in that first pic. He’s looks like a miniature version of himself! How fun to go hiking for your tree! I wonder if we could do that? I’m gonna look into it. The tree looks great too – I’m jealous – we don’t have many ornaments so our tree always looks a bit shoddy. I’ve always wanted to do popcorn strings so I might try that this year. (except the baby would probably eat them, maybe next year then)

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