Hyalite ski

A couple weekends ago we took a family ski up Hyalite Canyon outside of Bozeman. A couple of years ago a bunch of very dedicated Nordic ski enthusiasts got the Forest Service to plow the road up to the Hyalite Reservoir. The road, which used to be known as the “Hyalite Rodeo” is now a wide, easy drive. And with the new travel plan there aren’t any snowmobiles, so the skiing is scenic and quiet.

Getting up and getting ready to ski.

Me: Anders, what are you doing?
Anders: Skiing
Me: I think skiing involves moving.
Everyone loves when their mom is a smartass, right?

H lugging 70 pounds up the hill. He’s buff.

That’s me crossing a lovely meadow.

Still crossing the meadow. It’s a big one.

Skiing past the Maxey Forest Service cabin. Hopefully we’ll rent this sometime soon and spend a night or two out here. It is perfectly positioned for a whole lot of fun.

Finally across the meadow and into the trees.

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