I heard it; I said it; I sang it.

If you were a fly in the wall at our house recently you would have heard:

Mel: Please don’t lasso your brother.

Mel: Everyone gets to flush their own poop.

Finn: Ma ma

H: I can’t think right now, I’m too tired.

Anders: Will they have beer and wine there, too?

Finn: Gloy gloy

Rigby: Owwwwww Owwwwww! (More treats, pronto)

Diesel: Arf Arf! (Let me in the house, now. Outside is for dogs.)

H: Less yapping and more crapping.

Anders: I have a lot of hugs in me.

And a traditional Christmas carol to get you in the feeling of the season:


One thought on “I heard it; I said it; I sang it.

  1. Karyn

    Fly on the wall at our house:
    Silas singing, “If you work all day and you don’t get paid, you’re a Mom.” (We’re pretty sure he’s learning songs at preschool for the upcoming Mom’s night.) But this one is a Silas original song that I probably shouldn’t post online because it sounds awful but Bill says it came about innocently, “I’m going to eat your weenie!” We had to have a little talk about that one because it didn’t just go away on it’s own.

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