I Heart Livingston

I was just googling the phone number of a local bookstore when this article, written by my friend Lynn Donaldson, came up. It made me glad to live in such a cool town (not that I wasn’t glad before) and it might make you want to come visit me…

From the article:
I live in a town of 7,300 at the head of a valley named Paradise in southwestern Montana, just an hour north of a world-renowned natural wonder. “Yellowstone National Park—gateway to Livingston” is the town’s unofficial motto, and that sidelong boast might be grating if it weren’t in part true.

The park claims geysers and bison and wolves and waterfalls—all spectacular. But Livingston is full of exceptional people, and it seems most excel at some kind of art. I know sculptors, boatbuilders, flytiers, novelists, wood carvers, painters, furniture makers, photographers, movie stars, river guides, chefs, and lithographers.

Read the rest of the article here. Then tell me what makes you glad you live in your town.

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