I like to climb rainbows

Anders has started taking ukulele lessons; part of our effort to give him a music education. He’s had three lessons so far.

Anders and Finn come from two very unmusical parents, so they need whatever help they can get. Science, reading, history…we’ve got it covered. But we needed to do something to counteract all my singing. That can’t be good for a young brain.

In addition to learning a few chords, he’s taken on song writing.

It’s pretty dark (the video, not the song).

In case you missed the lyrics:

The rainbow is so beautiful, you see.
I like to climb rainbows.

3 thoughts on “I like to climb rainbows

  1. Susannah Harvey

    You can’t see me, but I’m holding up my lighter and playing this over and over. Way to go little rock star!

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