In my kitchen

Creamy humus – part of a big batch. Some for now, some for the freezer.

Paint for a project in the next room.

A few veggies from my garden.

Tea. Earl Gray in the morning; green or Sport tea in the afternoon.

A painting drying on the counter.

Dishes. Always dishes. And we have, and use, a dishwasher.

Sport tea brewing in the sun.

Flowers from the garden.

What’s happening in your kitchen?

5 thoughts on “In my kitchen

  1. minor catastrophes

    Your kitchen looks a lot like mine, minus the finger paints. My latest project has been converting all the basil in my garden into pesto for the freezer — so nice to thaw in the winter for pasta! BTW, thanks for the idea to freeze hummus…I’ve never tried that before. Curious how you use your Swiss chard. I have a ton of it this year, and so far have stir fried it and served it with a bit of vinegar and salt, and used it in lasagne, but am sort of running out of ideas 🙂

  2. Mel Post author

    The finger paints are a nice touch, I think 😉

    I use chard the same way I do spinach: in salads, in quiche, in stir fry….I might also try chard chips. We like kale chips, so it isn’t too much of a stretch.

  3. Ellen

    Hello! way back in September you posted on Renee’s blog (FIMBY) about your menu plan of planning 4 weeks at a time and then repeating. Could you share more about that? I am intrigued and MUST get into a better routine.
    Thank you!

    -A new follower

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