It’s Jen!

Guess who’s in town for a few days…It’s my best friend, Jen! Are you excited? I am.

Last spring, Finn and I paid her and her family a visit in lovely Stockton, Calif. This year they are in Montana. (Jen grew up in Missoula and husband James is from S. Dakota, so we are in the middle of their family roadtrip.)

The first evening they were here I took the boys over to Bozeman to meet up with Jen, Caitlyn (9) and Sophia (7). We had a picnic at Bogert Park, played on the playground and splashed around in the creek. Her daughters are ridiculously gorgeous and smart and funny. That’s what you would expect from someone who came out of Jen’s body.

That’s Jen peeking out from behind Sophia.

Anders and Finn love Bogert Park.

Finn hanging out in my shadow.



This is just the beginning, there are more adventure to come.

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