It’s winter

As Anders will tell you, when there is snow on the ground and it gets dark before dinnertime…it’s winter (despite the solstice being a month away).

We had a big dump (of snow!) this weekend and had to take advantage.

The 15 bags of leaves I didn’t take to the city compost until after they were covered in snow.

The first of 4 sidewalk shoveling events that day.

Red faced, but still happy, Finn strolls through the snow.

Climb every mountain…

Driveway sledding!

Our neighbor stopped by and offered to take pics of the boys and I.

Ready, set…

Go! We’re so fast we sledded right out of the frame.

Anders did not want to go back in the house, so he spent a little time digging his toys out of the sandbox and playing.

Finn went back into the house to catch up on his reading.

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