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Japan Adventure: Exploring Epic Outdoors Japan

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I’ve been dreaming of a Japan adventure. Something fun like hiking through the mountains, skiing down a slope, or soaking in a hot spring. For adventures outdoors, Japan is the place to go.

Unfortunately, I have not yet visited Japan, but in order to do a little armchair research I asked fellow travel bloggers to share their favorite outdoor Japan story. I compiled them here so you can plan your own adventure travel in Japan.

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hiking in Japan

Hiking in Japan

I know my Japanese adventure will include hiking. Japanese pilgrimage trails wind through the islands and trails climb Japan’s mountains. 

Some of the best hikes in Japan are listed below.

Biking in Takamatsu

Adventure Japan on a Bicycle

Biking in Japan is a popular way to explore the outdoors. There are multiple cycling routes in Japan and it’s well organized. Bike rental is possible in a lot of places so you don’t need to bring yours with you.

Whether you choose a guided bike tour in Japan or go on your own, you are bound to have a wonderful time. 

skiing in Japan

Best Skiing in Japan

One of the outdoor adventures I am looking most forward to is skiing in Japan. The fact that you can combine it with hot springs just makes it even better. Skiing, hot springs, and snow monkeys?!? Get me to Japan asap.

Japanese Snow Monkey in hot spring

Experiencing Nature in Japan

The Japanese are known for paying attention to nature. Many find great spirituality in the natural world. Whether you believe deities exist in nature or not, a walk through the Japanese forest and watching wildlife is sure to be a special experience.

Other Japanese Adventures

There are some adventurous things to do in Japan that don’t fit into a category; outdoor adventures that are so iconically Japanese, they stand alone.

Looking for more Japan inspiration? 

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