Sierra Designs Lightning HT2 –review

Sierra Designs Lightning HT2 – review

Sierra Designs Lightning HT2 –review

When I head into the mountains on a backpacking trip with my favorite six-year-old, I know I am going to be carrying most of our gear myself, so I want our essentials to be as light as possible. I also want them to work well. At three pounds and 14 ounces, the Lightning HT2  from Sierra Designs doesn’’t add a lot to my load, and it keeps us dry and cozy for three-season camping.

The tent is super easy to set up, has two doors and two vestibules (in case I want to sneak out at night and gaze at the stars without waking my son up), and is surprisingly roomy. Hanging pockets store books and headlamps for easy access.

Prices change, so click through for current cost.

This review first appeared in Montana Parent magazine.

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