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There’s a contest afoot and the winner gets a seven day vacation in Montana.

The “Get Lost in Montana” campaign is asking people to submit their stories, photos and videos about why they love Montana. A winner of the vacay package will be selected randomly. Randomly! That means we have as good a chance of winning as people submitting really nice stuff.

The other thing in our favor is that you can enter as many times as you want. I’ve already entered three times, and Henry has entered once (but his is quality, while mine were kind of slapped up there.)

Every week one person (randomly!) wins a t-shirt, sticker and chapstick. They don’t tell you about the chapstick, but since I’ve already won the weekly drawing (randomly), I know about it. That’s right, I am already a winner.

Even though this is a random contest, there is an “I like it” button. The submissions with the most “likes” are featured in the “Most Liked” section. You’ll find Henry’s there. (Not to pat my own back (yes, to pat my own back) but part of the reason is that I featured it on my Facebook page. The people loved it, then liked it.)

So, now I’d want some like-love for my posts. Even though this is a random contest, it’s nice to be liked–even if you have to ask for it. (Don’t worry, you don’t have to register, just click away.)

You can find my posts here:
Prairie Smoke (this is the (random) chapstick winner)
Camping on the Missouri River
Otters at Trout Lake

Henry’s post is here. Let’s get him firmly into the “Most Liked” section with more votes.
Smiling Melynda (The dinosaur)

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