Livingston Visit

My dad and his wife, Karen, were out for a visit this weekend. They stayed 4 or 5 days, adored Anders, toured four museums (the Livingston Depot Center, Yellowstone Gateway Museum, Museum of the Rockies and the Pioneer Museum), ate at several of Livingston’s fine restaurants, swam, checked out Chico, drove the streets of Livingston, picnicked at Sacajawea Park, took a historical bus tour of town…I think that’s it. These people pack their vacation!

Best Western pool

Hanging out poolside at the Best Western post-swim.
Yellowstone bus

The historic and refurbished Yellowstone bus tours Livingston. Along the way our esteemed guide pointed out old hotels, the red light district, the Bucket of Blood saloon and other buildings important to a railway town and the original “Gateway to Yellowstone”.
Cute Anders

Sometimes you are just so overwhelmed by Anders’ cuteness that you have to take a picture–even though he is just sitting there.
Cute Anders in hat

Sometimes you take the picture because he is standing there.
Dad in hat

In fact, Anders is so cute that everyone wants to be just like him.

Mogie enjoys picnicking in the park. She’s probably smiling at Anders’ adorability.
Reading and Riding

While dad and Karen were off brushing up on Montana history, Anders did some reading and riding.
Poor Diesel

Poor Diesel pays a heavy price for his tolerance and good behavior.
Anders on couch

Proof that Anders stops moving from time to time. At least for a few seconds.
Dad and Anders walk

Anders takes his grandpa on a tour of the neighborhood.

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