Livingston Holiday Stroll

Pre-surgery we participated in one of our favorite Livingston traditions–the holiday stroll. We loved it in 2008 and 2009 and we had a blast again in 2010.

Our first stop was to see Frosty. We saw him last year and found him a little creepy. Not much has changed.

We also saw Santa, of course, and lots of our friends along the way.

Attempt number one. No way Finn was sitting on that dude’s lap.

Everybody’s thrilled now.

Phoebe tried to make an escape.

Then we went to a reading of the Polar Express at the Murray Hotel. We cannot get enough of this story. It doesn’t hurt that there is a bar there. And friends.

Brooke loves having her photo taken.

Is Matine blowing kisses or eating a cookie? No way to tell.

Anders’ first candy cane. Yum.

Being the second kid means you get to everything 18 months younger than your groundbreaking brother does.

Whiskey instead of candy canes for Peter and H.

Watching the conductor head up to the balcony to read the Polar Express.

Enjoying the story.

2 thoughts on “Livingston Holiday Stroll

  1. Granola Girl

    Anders face in that first picture is AWESOME! He’s going to do what you ask, but he’s definitely not sure of that snowman. My son dislikes people in costume as well. He has never done the Santa thing after we tried when he was an infant. Jules once threatened Chuck E Cheese as well who was overly persistent to hug our terrified child. Leave it to Dad to find a way to turn Boys’ Night into Threat Down 🙂

  2. Mel Post author

    Anders does look a little suspicious! I’d love to see Jules take on Chuck E. Cheese! If you are wearing a costume, you should know when to back off. Most little kids are scared of costumed-creatures.

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