Many Glacier, but not that many anymore…

After high tea at the Prince of Wales hotel, mom and I headed back into the good ol’ U.S. of A. We checked into our cabin behind the Swiftcurrent Motor Inn and decided we needed to head out on the trail.

We took a leisurely walk around Swiftcurrent Lake and enjoyed the mountain views. It looked a little less white–and the sky was a bit grayer–than it was during our June trip.

Hard to take a bad photo at a place like this.

More mountains.

Mountains beyond Swiftcurrent Lake.

Mom on our hike around Swiftcurrent Lake.

Bridge crossing.

Swiftcurrent Creek

Seriously, could the “heart of Glacier” be any prettier.

A woman we met on the trail made these birthday cards to celebrate Glacier’s centennial.

Mom hiking through the aspens, which were just about to turn yellows and oranges.

Harebell–one of the lingering wildflowers.

The cabin we stayed at in Many Glacier.

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