Material world

The other day I had Henry just where I wanted him: desperate for caffeine and out of cash.

“Sure, I have a couple dollars,” I told him. “But you have to do something for me first.”

I made him look at some material I just bought and tell me how cute it is. You might be wondering why someone who doesn’t sew is buying material. It’s because I am going to learn how to make a quilt! Someday.

It’s camping themed! Don’t you love the little marshmallows on sticks? And the bears and tents? Henry did, too.

…and roadtrip-themed. Cute.

Whenever we go to a National Park/Monument/Memorial I buy a patch for each of the boys. I got this idea from Julie, who is sewing park patches on her kids’ backpacks. I started doing that, but Anders’ and Finn’s backpacks won’t fit more than one or two patches. And they are going to grow out of those packs in a few years.

Another friend, via Facebook, suggested I make a quilt. Great idea. Even if I don’t know how to quilt or own a sewing machine or…. I’ve never let practical considerations stop me before. Besides, I don’t have to learn how to quilt just yet.

I even got the rolly thing to cut the material. It’s made for right-handed people, but I use it anyway. Yes, that is a cutting board; I was too cheap to get the official mat.

Perfect squares.

The patches. I don’t know why I photographed them on my distracting bed quilt.

We’ll be collecting patches for years. For now, I am going to sew the patches to quilt blocks and store them. When I have enough, I’ll learn how to make a quilt. I have a couple quilting tools and some very cute material and I am ready for phase one of quilt construction.

You can tell me how cute the fabric is in the comments 😉

3 thoughts on “Material world

  1. Jen E.

    Love it!! I just signed the girls up for a sewing class at Joann’s craft store. You could sign up for one of those! You will make a lovely quilter!

  2. debi

    Oh I’m very impressed. Me? I can’t sew & won’t even try to fake it (though I do agree these fabrics are adorable). Instead, we defame coins by collecting smashed pennies everywhere we go. Won’t ever keep us warm in the future, though!

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