Matine’s party

Last Sunday we spent a lovely Mother’s Day at H’s parents’ place in Ennis. I will upload those photos eventually.

After the Ennis visit we drove back to Livingston to attend Matine’s first birthday party. Brooke and Peter put on quite a party; we had so much fun! The boys got to ride horses (for the second time that day), had their faces painted (it was a puppy-themed party), chase bubbles and go on a treasure hunt. H and I had a ball chatting with friends (new and old), playing with the kids and sipping suds.

Oh, and there was a dirt pile (the second one of the day). I don’t think they planned on that being an attraction, but for the 5 and under set, it was a hit.

Here are a few pictures I pulled off their site. There are many more, including the birthday girl, of course.

Anders and Finn share a saddle.

Puppy faces.

This might be my favorite.

I know it is obnoxious that I only posted pics of my kids, but you can see the rest of the party here.

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