May 2012

May in Montana is a strange thing. Flurries one day, snowflakes piling up on branches; and the next day it’s 70-degrees F and we’re barefoot in a stream. Then, there is the rain–drizzles and downpours, mud and splatter. A whole bunch of photos to show you how we’ve been playing in this dynamic season. And apologies to those with a slow Internet connection–this is going to take forever to load.

April 28…not quite May, but close enough

Suce Creek Trail

We saw a vole! They’re pretty rare, so we were excited to see it.

Rigby loves the snow.

Aspens in the snow.

May 1

May Day baskets and a bunch of rugrats. This one is kind of cheating since it’s in town, about 10 miles from the other photos…but still.

May 5

Trotting up the Deep Creek Trail.

Snow, snow, snow!

A warmish spring keeps plants green.

May 7

Suce Creek again…

spring beauty

May 9

From my garden

Watering the lawn and entertaining the kids.

May 19

To celebrate Beltane (whose typical May 1 date is too early for these parts) we joined in our friend, Mariann’s, annual party. Picking dandelions, dancing around the May Pole and roasting marshmallows over the bonfire were all part of the fun.

The Bridger Range from Mariann’s farm.

Picking dandelions

May 20

Waiting for a bike inspection at the first annual bike fest.

I have more pictures to illustrate our many-weathered May, but I think this is enough. We were out of town over Memorial Day weekend, but rumor has it, it snowed again. May this be the last storm for awhile because it is cold in this house!

May 28

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