Mayor’s Landing

One of the places we often walk the dogs is at Mayor’s Landing–a river access site in town. The dogs can run free without anyone harassing me about leash laws, Diesel can fetch, Rigby can look for carcass and cool off in the river, Anders, Henry and I can enjoy watching ospreys, bald eagles, king fishers, pelicans, swallows and other birds. The Yellowstone River can catch the sun as it carries floaters and anglers past.

Here are some photos from 7.26.08.

H and A with chuckits

Henry and Anders prep to throw tennis balls for Diesel.
Rigby at Mayors Landing

Rigby likes to prance about in the grass like the good boy princess he is.

Diesel keeps his eye on the ball; Anders keeps his mouth on the ball. That’s why my little boy has such a strong immune system.
Rigby struts out of the river.

Fresh from a cool-down in the Yellowstone.
A, M and R at the Yellowstone

Tossing stones in the river.
Diesel swims the Yellowstone

Aquatic fetching.
Diesel fetches

Wherever there is a tennis ball in need, is where you will find Super Diesel.
Dutch tilt

Dutch tilt, or sliding into the river? You decide.
by the river

Watching the chuckit float away. We need Super Diesel!
Ansders peeks

Anders peeks around his giant mom.
Anders looks to the side, cutely

In the truck, ready to head home.

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