Midwife, Doctor, Grandparents, Moose and Nose Picking

April 30, 2008

It’s hard to believe that tomorrow is May! Especially since today was another cold, wet adventure.

Yesterday, however, was down right lovely. It must of hit 70 F. So, that called for a trip to Bozeman.

Our first stop was at my midwife’s office for the monthly check-up. Stacey says everything looks good.


Stacey found a heartbeat of 132/minute, which is in the perfect range.

Then we headed over to Bogert Park to meet up with Big Henry and Mogie. Anders entertained everyone by running around the playground, picking up (and neatly returning) pieces of bark from the “big kids'” playground, climbing up stairs, sliding down slides and cruising back and forth in the tunnel.

Anders at slide

Anders leans against the slide with a piece of bark for his collection, while Henry watches on.
Anders drives

Someone’s got to drive this ship…
Anders sliding

Leaning against the slide just wasn’t enough. Not when you can fly down it!
Henry and Anders on the slide

Henry and Anders hanging out on the steps.
Cruising through the tunnel

Cruising through the tunnel
Having a snack with Henry, Big Henry and GranMogie

Having a snack with Henry, Big Henry and GranMogie

After playing our little hearts out we ran a couple errands and then reconvened at Ale Works, where Henry and I were treated a yummy dinner by my very generous in-laws. Anders further entertained the crew by stuffing an ungodly amount of tofu into–and all over–his face, and taking crayons out of (and neatly placing them back into) a cup.

Today we made another trip over to the Bozone, this time for Anders’ 15 month well child check-up. We picked Anders up from daycare and ran into a moose calf a few houses down.


The moose is loose.

Don’t get too close…

It was old enough to browse, but sure looked young. Mom was nowhere to be seen, but this neighborhood isn’t too far from the river.

Dr. Cady pronounced Anders a specimen of health. His ear infection is healing rapidly and unlike his father probably isn’t prone to them on a regular basis. (Henry had to go to the doctor every two weeks as a kid because he had so many ear infections. Then one night in the bath his ear drum popped and filled Mogie’s hand with green pus. True story. He didn’t get better until he had his tonsils and adenoids removed.)

After a quick visit to the rice table at the Children’s Museum we met Henry’s friend George at a coffee shop where we all had a snack.

nose picker

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