Mill Creek ski

Last Friday Anders, Finn, Rigby and I took a little ski up Mill Creek in the Paradise Valley. Below zero temperatures were predicted for the weekend, so we got out while it was still warm.

Anders and Finn rode in the double Chariot, so I got to pull 45 pounds of kids plus whatever the trailer weighs (10-15 lbs?). It was a pretty good workout.

I felt sort of stupid when a sled dog team went by and I was dragging all this weight while my 100 lb malamute skipped happily along not pulling anything. Rigby would either not pull and just stand there, or pull the whole thing into the trees and across the creek, so it seemed safer to have them attached to me.

It was such a nice day and I was really glad to be out, but I think I need to find a ski-loving, buff friend who doesn’t have kids and is looking for a physical challenge.

Rigby in his element.

This is my view when I turn around.

Finn thinks I am going to pick him up (which I did) and gives me a big smile. Anders slept like this for an hour. I don’t think little ones get stiff the way adults do, he can sleep in the most uncomfortable looking positions and wake up just fine.

Trail break.

The view back down the trail.

So adorable you just want to kiss him right on his dog nose.

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