Mom’s Shower

I have some remarkable friends. Even though I told them that you aren’t supposed to have a shower for the second (or 3rd, or 4th or whatever) baby, they did it anyway.

We started out at a couple picnic tables in Sacajawea Park. Then it started to thunder and rain. Knowing it would blow over quickly, we moved the tables under some trees and called it good. It kept raining. And got windy. So, we grabbed everything and ran over to a pavilion. We were all pretty drenched by then, but being under a shelter helped and after another few minutes the storm blew over.

There was lots of delicious food, awesome gifts and a chance to spend time with some of the coolest women around.

Jess, Krista, Shelly, Genevieve, Kathy, Mogie and Jen after the run through the rain.

I get in on the picture.

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