Montana Grizzly Encounter near Bozeman and Livingston

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At the top of the pass between Bozeman and Livingston live four grizzly bears. They started out in horrible conditions–one lived 18 years in a tiny box. Another was part of cub feeding program (and as soon as the cubs couldn’t be bottle fed by paying customers, they were killed).

Now one is a movie star, and all are living in comfort and security at Montana Grizzly Encounter.

Our homeschool group took a field trip to learn about grizzly bears and how to avoid them in the wild. We learned how to tell the difference between a grizzly and a black bear, why these bears don’t hibernate, and what to do if you forget the rules to avoiding bears and run into one.

Learning about grizzly bear paws.

You don’t need a field trip to check out Montana Grizzly Encounter.

Plan Your Trip to Montana Grizzly Encounter

What: Montana Grizzly Encounter
Why: Learn about grizzly bears and see them up close. These bears can’t be released into the wild, but they can teach us about their wild cousins.
Where: 80 Bozeman Hill Road at Jackson Creek exit off I-90.
Who: You! Find hours and entrance fees here.

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