Mosquito Bites and Scotch Tape

The mosquitoes are out with a vengeance right now. I was out in the garden for 5-10 minutes and came back with over 10 mosquito bites. Some people get little red bumps that go away soon after the bite. Not me.

When a mosquito bites me I get a big, red welt. It itches for days.

This morning Henry told me about a post he read that stated putting Scotch tape on a mosquito bite would make it stop itching.

I put a piece of scotch tape directly on top of the bite and to my surprise – the itch stopped – immediately! I left the tape on for about 4 hours and when I pulled the tape off, I could actually see the poison extract from the mosquito – on the tape. Somehow the adhesive on the tape collected the fluid from the bite and I held the tape up to the light and I could see the tiny penetration hole on the tape from where I was bit.

I have been using tape to end itching form mosquito bites ever since. It’s funny how a simple piece of scotch tape can halt an unbearable itch. Apparently, the tape keeps the area around the bite from naturally expanding. After I removed the tape there was no further itching and no black mark left.

Yeah, that doesn’t work. I put tape on my bites and they still itch. I can’t scratch them (I had to use double sided tape since that was the first thing I could grab in my itching frenzy) and maybe that will help it heal faster.


I did a bit more research and came across this:

No; it won’t extract the venom. Mosquito venom goes into the blood stream almost immediately; it acts as an anticoagulant so that the blood doesn’t clot while the mosquito gets what she needs to incubate her eggs (they do NOT consume the blood).

What might help with the itch is to cover the area with clear nail polish; it keeps air from coming in contact with the wound, and helps to keep it from itching, so you’re not as inclined to scratch it. The body simply has to have time to break down the venom and clear away the tissue that has been damaged, and a piece of cellophane tape doesn’t contribute to that effort.

Here are 40 tips for squelching mosquito bites. If anyone has used one and had it work–do tell!

Now to pull all that tape off my skin.

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