Mother’s Day in Ennis

May 11, 2008

Mother’s Day is like having another birthday. Only this time, instead of being on New Year’s Eve and having the whole world party and celebrate–but not for you–it’s in May, when nothing else is going on. Instead of people trying to pass off Christmas/birthday presents as adequate gifts, you get a one-holiday gift. The presents don’t come from as many people, but at least they are just for this one day.

Like last year, we headed over to Henry’s Parent’s place in Ennis for Mother’s Day to celebrate Henry’s mom. Of course, the day was more about Anders than anyone else, but I got a lovely gift certificate to Rosedale Gardens, some yummy jam and a handmade box. More importantly, I felt appreciated. Although, Henry makes sure that happens every day of the year.

Mother's Day pancake

My Mother’s Day breakfast courtesy of Henry.
Vacuuming hair

Anders gets his hair done before heading out for the day.
More hair vaccuuming

Anders actually really likes being vacuumed. He thinks it is hilarious when the vacuum chases him around the house.
Watching Anders

Big H and GranMogie enjoy the Anders show.
Anders gets photographed from all angles

Anders gets photographed from all angles.
Playing with spoons

Playing with spoons is a favorite activity. Whenever we go to the MT Cup Anders goes behind the counter and brings back spoons.
Anders and Big Henry in the grass

Anders and Big Henry in the grass in front of the Harrison house in Ennis.
Anders frolics

Anders frolics.
Big H, Henry and Anders

Big Henry and Henry help Anders jump over the bushes.
Front porch

During a short break in the wind and greyness, we take a break on the deck steps.
Big H and Anders in the dumpster

Big Henry teaches Anders how to dumpster dive.

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