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So, we are having a baby in a couple months and we cannot come up with a boy’s name that both Henry and I like. We have a couple great girls’ names, which we will not reveal lest someone mock them and they become unusable. I don’t know why boys’ names are so hard. We didn’t come up with Anders until the last minute and that name has been in my world since I was born (since it is my mom’s middle name and my great-grandfather’s name).

Here is your chance to participate in the naming. Leave your suggestion in the comment section.

:>>Update: It has come to our attention (thanks, Jen!) that we needed to add one more rule…see #7:>>

1. Don’t recommend your name or a version of your name. (That means Scott cannot enter “Scott” or “Scott Jr.”)
2. Please refrain from very common names. The most popular boys’ name is Jacob, but around here it is Bridger, Cody, Henry (a great name, but already taken by a couple people in this family) or Jackson.
3. Please refrain from outlandish names.
4. Names should sound good when used in combination with Anders. For example, it should fit in this sentence: “Anders and ❓ stop jumping on the couch and screaming; just wait until your father gets home!”. Also this sentence: “Rigby, Diesel, Anders and :?:, so help me if I find one more muddy footprint in the house you are all sleeping outside!”.
5. Not Falcon.
6. No brand names.
7. The first name needs to fit (not rhyme) with the already chosen middle and last names: Coble Harrison.

If we choose your name you will not be the recipient of a great prize!

23 thoughts on “Name Our Baby

  1. Christine

    My husband nixed Oliver, Elliot, and Theodore (Theo) for completely irrational reasons, but I think they are great and somebody I know should use them! My favorite boy name of all time is Diego – tough to pull off without some reason to call your child Diego though…

  2. Christine

    On second thought, since I named my son Henry (after your husband) I guess that means you have to name your next baby Drew (after mine) 🙂

  3. Mel Post author

    Theo was one of the names we seriously considered for Anders…

    I’m guessing Drew is short for Andrew, which is what people often think I’m saying when I introduce Anders. It would be pretty amusing to have an Anders and an Andrew!

  4. Jennifer Johnson

    Logan and Garrison
    (those were what we were going to use for our girls if they were boys)

    I will try and think of more

  5. Mel Post author

    I LOVE Garrison Harrison!! Middle name: Larrison
    Leif is my number one choice, but there is resistance from the spousal front.

  6. Leif

    I’d recommend Leif, but that breaks the rules. Fortunately somebody else already did.

    I’d also suggest Erick, since it’s Scandinavian and sounds good with Anders.

    Colter is another local favorite that you didn’t list.

  7. Mel Post author

    Yeah, 2 votes for Leif! And good point that Colter is another common name around here. Do you pronounce it “Leaf” or “Lafe”?

  8. Leif

    My parents chose the “Leaf” pronunciation. I’d recommend that because it seems to be the most pronunciation that most folks, at least around here, assume.

  9. jonesey

    Really? I could have this much power over someone’s life*?

    You’re enough of a nerd (like me) that you may find this web site helpful:

    Be prepared to spend an hour or two. Go back six or eight decades and scroll through the top 500 names. You’ll find some legitimate names (i.e. you don’t have to make up a name like
    “Kar’dytn” to avoid giving your kid a popular name) that aren’t popular anymore but that people won’t have any trouble figuring out.

    Take 1912, for example: Linwood, Olin, Lyman, Ambrose, Hollis, Reuben. Good stuff in there. There are some names in that list you just can’t use anymore, like Kermit and Elmo, but there are plenty of good ones.

    Another tip if you’re desperate: start haunting cemeteries for inspiration. You won’t believe the names people used to curse their children with. One of those curses may be just the thing for your little one.


    *pronounced “Leif”.

  10. Mel Post author

    That is a pretty fun site; I could get sucked in there.
    Another name I like is Sylvan, but of course, that one is already taken…
    Maybe Salix (Latin genus for willow, as if you didn’t know).

  11. Susannah Harvey

    I like Aiden and Ian. Not quite Scandinavian, but imagine, “Anders! Aiden! Diesel! Rigby! Settle down right now.”

    I also like Cameron.

    Of course, I’m rooting for a niece, so I say stick with the girl names. 😉

    Naturally, a niece or another nephew will be much fun to dote upon.

  12. Jessica

    I know you’ve decided on a girl, but I like ‘Thea’ for girl and ‘Brody’ for a boy. I like Aiden too, but maybe too close to Anders?

  13. Mel Post author

    My brother, Scott, can’t get the comment section to work, so here is his suggestion:


    I think it is no coincidence that March is the month he was born in…

  14. Hannah

    I read this and thought I would leave a few from my list,
    Of course you met my friends boy at the Park last week name Atlas, atty for short, I can give you the story of where this comes from at another date,
    I had Ian, Norris, Cavin (yes that is Cavin not Calvin)
    Good luck.

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