Obama Mania

I didn’t vote in the primaries. That’s because I live in Montana and our primaries aren’t until June 3rd (Well, the Republican primaries already took place–Mitt Romney won–but I don’t get to vote in those). Along with one of the Dakotas (I can’t remember which one) we are the last in the nation to weigh in on the ClintonObama slugfest.

These two candidates are so desperate to get every last vote that they are courting Montanans. Most politicians don’t even know we are here. Both Hilary and Bill Clinton have been here more than once, as has Obama.

Now Obama has opened a campaign office in Livingston. LIVINGSTON!! There are 7,000 people here. And there can’t be that many Democrats. The Obama people are so persistent that since the office opened a few days ago I’ve received a phone call and a house visit from them. Nice folks, but I’m still rooting for Dennis Kucinich.


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