Organize Your Website Visits

April 29, 2008

If you are like me there are several websites you like to keep an eye on. Some have multiple posts everyday, like Ecorazzi. Others post daily or weekly (like The Weekly Fly), and then there are those that make you sad, like My Life or the Kooky Cat Guy because they don’t post enough and you want more.

But who wants to spend all that time checking site after site to see if there is anything new? If only there was a way to bring those website to you and organize them all on one page…

There is! (My apologies to the web savvy–come back tomorrow for a better post.) You can sign up–for free!–for a Reader that will bring all your favorite pages to one place, without clogging up your toolbar.

Here is a less than 4 minute video that shows you how to use a Reader. Click on “RSS Feed”.

Not only does Google Reader (that’s the one I use) highlight any new posts, it tells me how many new posts there are on each site. I can read them right there in the Reader or click on over to the website.

Try it; it’s easy.

:p Update: Right after I wrote this the Kooky Cat Guy posted. I guess I can’t be too hard on him since he was out of town…

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