Overzealous Parenting

April 27, 2008

Anders has been sick. It didn’t seem like a big deal. Throwing up all over me several times the last few days, runny nose, serious crankiness…but all in all it seemed like a mild illness. Or maybe it had something to do with all the teeth breaking through or about to.

Then, last night he woke up time and again, crying and crying. Around 3:30 am he started crying and wouldn’t stop. So, we took him to the emergency room. (This is not so overzealous as a very good friend of mine who called 911 when her daughter had the croup. When they took her outside to meet the ambulance, she stopped coughing due to the soothing, cool night air.)

The beauty of the ER in Livingston at 4 am is that no one else is there. The wait time is nil. Basically, as the nurse was checking us in, the doctor was waking up and all was said and done in less than an hour.

Turns out it was an ear infection. I had one once in college and it was one of the most painful things I’ve ever experienced. Not like having a baby or anything, but it was pretty awful. So, I felt for little Anders.

Dr. Flook loaded us up with meds and said Anders would be feeling better in 24 hours or so.


Still life with medicine.

This morning I got puked on in great amounts. Henry is dealing with explosive diarrhea as I write this, but I do think he is getting better. After a 2.5 hour nap (during which I got to work on the garden and Henry on the walkway) we walked down to Pickle Barrel for ice cream.

Just planted

The garden in rows, soaker hosed and planted with cool weather crops.

Even though, he couldn’t possibly stomach his lunch, Anders was all over our ice cream cones. It was his first time trying ice cream and I’d say it was a miracle cure. Then Anders enjoyed playing at the park for a bit before we headed home for a second nap.

Anders chats it up

Anders chats it up
Road to recovery

Anders in on the road to recovery…we hope. You can tell by his hair that he is starting to feel better.

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