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Women Who Run With Dogs

The huskies and Belgium shepherds are barking wildly and yelping with their noses to the sky as three girls, ages 9-12, hustle them out to the sled line. The dogs are anxious to run, anxious feel the wind in their fur and the ground slip by beneath their feet. So are the girls. Jenny Greger …

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Look Good, Feel Better

Arnie Bowers sits perched in a chair at the Center for Cancer support looking into a mirror. The mid day sun lights up her already glowing skin and vibrant eyes as cosmetologist Fern Hoolan shows her how to apply make-up to skin affected by chemotherapy. Hoolan opens a box of cosmetics and pulls out one …

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A Friendly Alliance

“As we interact with other cultures we learn a lot about ourselves,” says Ann Matney, Italian teacher at Alliance Française. In a room at the Emerson Cultural Center, students gather on comfy blue couches to learn languages, interact with different cultures and end up discovering something about themselves. The Alliance Française was formed in Paris …

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Woman of the Year: Chris Furtak

Eight years ago Chris Furtak hadn’t lifted her body off the floor in Crow pose. She’d not stretched her back in Downward Dog. Nor had turned upside down in Shoulder Stand. She worked out everyday at the gym, sweating away and maintaining her fitness level. Until she read an article that espoused the health benefits …

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A Winning Combination–Team WinS

“The common bond we all share is the desire to live a healthy active lifestyle and to promote that lifestyle among the community and ourselves,” declares the Team WinS website. Team WinS (Women in Sports) is a Bozeman-based sports team for women of all ages, levels and abilities started by women who were looking for …

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An Ancient Art–midwifery

It’s 2006 and you can have your baby any way you want—in a hospital, at home or in a birthing center. With a doctor, midwife, doula or combination of the three. And if you have that baby at home there are even more choices. “One of the beauties of being at home is you can …

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Black Bruin Awakes

Imitating bears, becoming possessed by their spirit, and sometimes even becoming a bear are all part of Native American Bear Dances. Bear Dances were performed for many reasons: for the Yocuts it was a harvest rite, the Pueblo danced to celebrate the winter solstice, the Delaware renewed the world and the cycle of seasons through …

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I’m not hungry, but I eat rice cooked in tomato soup because I think I should. It’s the first thing I’ve eaten today save a donut from the gas station in Bozeman. I felt nauseous when I left my house this morning, I felt nauseous when I reached the North Fork trailhead, and I feel …

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