Pine Creek Falls

A couple weekends ago we kicked off the summer season with a hike to Pine Creek Falls. It’s one of our standards because it is close, short and has a magnificent turn around spot. It doesn’t hurt that the Pine Creek Cafe sits near the turnoff for the trailhead. On this day, we enjoyed breakfast with Big H, who along with Mogie, is back in southwest Montana for the summer. Not a day too soon!

Maybe because we go there so often, I forgot to take a photo of the main falls, which were pumping. So. Much. Water.

This is what happens when Anders takes the photo…

Fortunately, he takes a few, so eventually we are all all in the shot.

Rigby is sporting his hilarious summer ‘do.

He really does have a lot of fun, but when the camera is pointed at him he gets so serious.

A less serious duo.

One of the funniest photos ever taken of Rigby. Who knew someone so gorgeous could look so silly?

The much smaller, side falls at Pine Creek.

Diesel doing what Diesels do.

There’s a smile.

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