Playing at the Children’s Museum

May 9, 2008

After waiting three weeks, I finally got my car back. We bought a 2004 Passat VW Wagon in December and it has been nothing but trouble. We’ve had several expensive fixes, had to jump start it a handful of times and had a rock come crashing through the sunroof on the highway. We took it back to the dealership and they agreed to take the lemon back and trade us for a better car–one that runs.

Three weeks later I couldn’t take the waiting anymore and Henry got them to to do the latest fix for free instead. Cross your fingers.

All that is to say, we had to drive to Bozeman on Friday to pick up the car. And since we all had to go, we stopped by the Children’s Museum of Bozeman to get in a little play time before hopping back in the vehicles and heading over the hill.


Anders loves being carried through the beads, too bad they aren’t long enough to reach the floor so he could walk through them himself. He giggles like crazy when they graze his face.
Playing piano

This was Anders’ first time playing the piano. Can you believe how good he is?

In a previous post I mentioned how much Anders’ loves the rice table (technically I think it is a sand and water activity table) and although he tried out a couple other activities this time (with a little prodding) the rice table is still the most alluring thing in the museum.

Rice table

The rice table is Anders’ all-time favorite activity at the Children’s Museum. I don’t know why these other kids were there, getting in the way of Anders’ play and my picture taking.

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