Playing with Mogie and Big H

Just for the record, I do make 98% of Finn’s food. Everyone else’s too.

On to other topics.

Big H and Mogie are back in Montana for the summer. They’ve been over twice to entertain and be entertained by the boys and we are looking forward to spending a lot of time with them over the next several months.

I think Big H was behind the camera, so no pictures of him today, but tune in again. I’m sure he’ll show his face eventually!

Coloring a pillowcase Mogie brought for Anders. As soon as I iron it to set the color he can use it. (In other words, it might be a while…). A had a great time coloring and has enjoyed looking at it and showing it off.

Cute pic of Mogie that I just couldn’t leave out.

When Finn attacks: protect your shoes!

When Finn attacks: protect your 2 year old (from fits of giggles).

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