Playing with Toys

February 23, 2008

When we don’t need to be anywhere, Anders and I like to spend the morning hanging around the house. I catch up on emails, wash dishes, and engage in other exciting tasks.

Anders like to play with his toys. Actually, the tupperware drawer tends to hold more interest than his toys, but these make cuter pictures. He also loves board books. Whenever we wants me to pay attention to him, or he’s getting tired, he grabs a book or two and brings them to me. He sits on my lap and I read the book and he turns the pages.

His favorite book is one my mom bought him when she was out here in September. It’s called Snuggle Puppy. It’s actually a song, so when he brings the book over, I sing the snuggle puppy song. Between that and the song the pirate ship plays, I can hardly sleep at night; those songs run through my head over and over and over and ….

Anders like to peak into the inside of the pirate ship to watch the treasure chests glow. This is one of his favorite toys.

Peaking at the pirate ship

Peaking at the pirate ship

The ship plays several songs, but Anders always plays the same one…

Pirate ship

Pirate ship play

Another favorite toy is the rocking horse that makes galloping and neighing sounds.


Ride ’em cowboy.

This car was a birthday gift from dad. Anders can get on and off it by himself now and loves to drive it around the house. Diesel does not enjoy being crashed into by this car. Rigby leaves the room when Anders gets on it. It plays the most annoying music. I let Anders enjoy it as long as I can stand it, then the sound just has to be turned off.


Driving around the house.

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