Pumpkin decorating

Back at the beginning of October we went to Rocky Creek Farm to have our apples pressed into cider. While we were there we let Anders pick out a pumpkin.

We festively set it on our front steps where it froze, thawed, froze and thawed again. Then it was a mushy lump.

While my mom was here we were going to go back to the pumpkin patch, but it was a cold, rainy day. And we ran out of time anyway.

I ended up buying our pumpkins at the grocery store. There were only two little ones left and one of them had a weird, rot scar. I bought them both.

We had to have pumpkins because H’s sis, Susannah, sent us Mr. Potato Head decorating kits. Isn’t she cool? We got two buckets of parts: eyes, mouths, hair, hats etc that, when artfully poked into a pumpkin, make a Mr. (or Ms.) Pumpkin Head clown and pirate. Much easier than carving.

Mr. Potato Head pumpkin kids.

Anders readies for pumpkin decorating.

Whatcha talkin’ about, Clown Pumpkin?

Finn makes his little pumpkin look big.

Thrilled to have his own gourd.

Three little pumpkins.

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