Review: Hula Shadehouse – Kelty

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Kelty Hula Shade House Basecamp Shelter

We’ve become car camping connoisseurs since our kids were born. Our gear for a two-day campout almost fills the back of the truck, but the luxuries we carry with us make the experience so much easier. We’ll get back to the lightweight, fast-moving backpack trips of our past one day, but for now, it’s all about comfort. And making sure the kids love camping and being outside. This year we are adding a few things to make camping even cushier. Here’s one of them.

Hula Shadehouse – Kelty
Whenever we are packing the truck for a camping trip, we are envisioning the perfect site—a flat spot for the tent, a lovely shade tree and a nearby creek. We don’t always get just that, but now that we have the Hula Shadehouse from Kelty, we always have the shade.

Whether we are hiding from the sun or the rain the angled hoop design creates the perfect shadehouse to relax under (yeah right, we have kids!), cook meals or eat beneath. It’s easy to set up and big enough to fit over a picnic table. (120 inches long and wide, and 78 inches tall.) The kids can play with their trucks and shovels while staying un-burnt and dry.


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2 thoughts on “Review: Hula Shadehouse – Kelty”

  1. Kishi Fuller

    Hi, Traveling Mel! This item has long been discontinued by Kelty. The poles are not very high quality, but I have not been able to find another shade tent that compares in design. I’d love, if you still have this item, if you could let me know what the 2 long pole dimensions are (mainly length), as I’d love to replace them with higher quality poles.

    1. Hi there! Sorry your poles didn’t hold up – ours seem to be pretty good. I am out of town right now, but I will grab the shade shelter when I get home and measure them.

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