Review: Mini Harness Journey Suit – Spyder

Mini Harness Journey Suit- Spyder

Teaching a thirty-pounder to ski requires a lot of lifting on the parent’s part. With Spyder’s new snowsuit all that lifting just got easier.

A built-in harness securely wraps around the body and travels through the garment to an external handle located on the back. Adults can easily pick up little athletes after a fall, help them onto a chairlift, or guide them down the slope.

The Journey suit also has glove attachments on the sleeve (two less things to lose in the lodge) and a removable hood. A big nose wiper on the sleeve keeps up with the runniest noses.

One of the best features is the “small to tall” grow cuff, so you’ll get a couple years of skiing and snow play from one snowsuit. There is a girls’ version, too, called the Bitsy Harness Sassy.


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