Review: Swisswool VEST PIZ LISCHANA- Ortovox

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Swisswool VEST PIZ LISCHANA by Ortovox

Ortovox is known for its avalanche tranceivers and other backcountry safety equipment, but they recently released a line of functional, Swisswool clothing. If you check out their website, you’ll quickly realize that they cater to a hard core crowd. I mean, backcountry skiers ripping it up in big mountains. But, us dilly-dalliers like to be comfy outside, too.

The cool thing about this clothing is that it will both keep you warm and alive, and it’s partially made of natural materials.

I’ve been giving the Vest Piz Lischana a workout. I can’t pronounce the name, but I like wearing it. (I can pronounce the “vest” part, but I digress…)

Swisswool VEST PIZ LISCHANA by Ortovox -- black

It comes in black, too!

The insulation is 88% all natural wool (12% PLA) and as light and comfy as it is warm. It is super compressible, and an inner gear pocket doubles and a carrying case for the vest. Plus, I feel good that there are more natural materials and less petroleum-based materials in this little lovely.

It’s a cute vest, too, but you can see that in the picture. The stretch panels on the back mean that the vest moves with me. Perfect for skiing, hiking or reaching for a cup of hot cocoa. It’s ideal for wearing as a top layer in the fall and spring (or summer evenings around the campsite) and slim enough to wear under another layer in winter. I’ve been wearing it a lot over a long underwear shirt while cross-country skiing.


Ideal weight-insulation ratio
2 warming pockets
Swiss wool
Body-hugging cut for optimal temperature regulation
Smallest pack size (inside stowaway pocket)

Weight (m): 310 g

Price: $149.95 USD

You can get the same thing in jacket form (I want it!), and of course, the vest and jacket come in a men’s version.

Hint: The are sold in European sizes, being a European company and all, so if you are on the fence about what size to wear, go up.

Swisswool VEST PIZ LISCHANA by Ortovox --blue

…and blue!

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