Rigby gets a haircut

Last summer I read a funny post by my friend Brooke about shaving their dog. Oh, how funny that dog looked.

This summer (well, late spring) I decided it was time to finally shave little Riggy. I’ve been thinking about it for years, but never had the guts to do it. And Henry has talked me out of it several times by cherry-picking information off the Internet inferring that Malamutes should not be shaved. (For the record, there is just as much info to be cherry-picked indicating that it is just fine to shave a Mal.)

Being a good scientist, I thought it was my duty to run a little experiment and see what happens. What happened is that my sweet, boy-princess now look ridiculous.

Looks aren’t everything, though. My main purpose in getting Rigby shaved (I had it done professionally, I did learn something from Brooke’s post 😉 ) was to minimize the summer stink. He gets in the river in May and doesn’t dry out until September. Who knows what is growing in that thick fur, but it reeks.

I’m sure you are wishing I’d go on and on about this haircut and skip the pictures all together, but too bad. Click more for more.

Sorry the photos are a little fuzzy, but the light is low and my Facebook friends were demanding pictures!

He’s really white without the black guard fur.

There’s no graceful way to transition from shaved back to fluffy tail.

He’s still about the cutest thing around.

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