Round-up rodeo 2011

A big part of Fourth of July celebrations in these parts is the rodeo. Over three days, 10,000 spectators flock to Livingston to watch cowboys and cowgirls compete for the 10th highest purse in the country over the Independence Day holiday.

We were four of those people. Plus a few more.

The super snappy Kerri and Jim.

Finn, Logan, Anders and Henry whoop it up.

William cheers.

Madeleine, Brooke, Matine, Jim and Kerri. A little relieved that no one is crying or spilling anything at that moment.

saddle bronc riding

Cowboy rescue.

The rodeo is fun, but the setting is amazing. We even saw a double rainbow. It was so intense.

bull riding

If you are curious, I wrote a piece about rodeos for Big Sky Journal a while back. You can ride over to my clips and check it out.

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