Run to the Pub 2013

Remember back in January when I made a list of New Year’s Resolutions/Things to do While I’m Forty? I’m halfway to my goal of running a marathon.

This weekend I ran the Run to the Pub 1/2 marathon. 13.1 mlles. Last year I ran the 10K, so I more than doubled my distance. At the end of it I was thinking, “I can’t imagine this being halfway to a marathon.” I’m going to need to add a lot more miles to my week to get into marathon shape.

But until then, I’ll just be happy that I ran 13 miles.

Don’t I look like a professional runner?

Debbie and I ran the whole race together and having someone to chat with was great.

Go Debbie!

Nice views and a 40-something degree day made for perfect conditions.

I know I don’t look very fast, but that’s because I’m not.

5 to go!

I love my cheering section.


2 thoughts on “Run to the Pub 2013

  1. Brynn

    Oh my Goodness! I just want to snuggle them! and you too, but that might be a bit forward. Congratulations on 13 miles. That is a total success, slow or otherwise!

  2. Mel Post author

    They are pretty cute, aren’t they, @Brynn?! I’d take a snuggle, too 🙂 And I am pretty happy to have run 13 miles without stopping. That’s my longest run, yet.

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