Sacred Mysteries and Meditation

It’s not all rodeos and grizzly bears out here in Montana, we have a spiritual side, too. Last night I snuck away from the baby and went to a meditation group at the Sacred Mysteries Bookstore here in Livingston. David read a bit about meditation, we did a little chant and then sat for thirty minutes.

Water Lily

I can’t remember the last time I sat and didn’t do anything for thirty minutes. It was a difficult and it was amazing. My “monkey mind” ran around in circles, hopped up and down and otherwise did everything it could to distract me, but there were a few moments of quiet.

Even if I didn’t clear my mind, it was nice to sit quietly and (try) not to think about baby, husband, dogs or work for a while. There are as many ways to meditate as there are stars in the sky, but here are a couple to try:
Buddhist Style
Chopra Center

Sacred Mysteries
sells books, wall hangings, crystals, statues and all things spiritual.

Just the Facts
Where: Sacred Mysteries Bookstore, 108 ½ W. Callender St ste 2-3
Phone: 406.223.0974
Hours: Store- 12pm-7pm (M-Sat), meditation 7-7:30pm (Tuesdays)

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