Sale at the Patagonia Outlet in Dillon Montana

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Everyone in this corner of the world knows about the Patagonia outlet store in Dillon. And most people know that every Memorial Day and Labor Day they have a big sale. I often stop by the shop on my way to somewhere else, but today we drove over to Dillon just to shop.

When we walked in the door I was totally overwhelmed; I’ve never seen so many people in that little shop. Everything was half off the outlet prices (which, in some cases is great—in other cases it is still pretty pricey).

It’s great to get good deals on great outdoor wear, but it is even better to check out the scene. People were in a frenzy, scooping up whatever they could before someone else ran off with their prize. Very small and very large people do the best; the middle sizes go fast.

Big bins are set out front to pile clothes in (in lieu of shopping carts which wouldn’t fit well in the store) and after you make your purchase, it is handed to you in a garbage bag. I think I’ll go peak into my black bag now and see what I bought.

Loot from the Patagucci Sale

Loot from the Patagucci Sale

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