Saturday stroll

Pre-walk yard play.

We do a lot of walking. We walk along the river, we walk around fishing access sites, we walk to hot springs, and that’s just a few from the last couple of weeks. Yeah, we like to walk. Or at least I do, and I make the boys come with me.

The thing is, it is so pretty where we live. And it’s so different from day to day. It might be sunny and warm, or we may be tromping through the snow. I can’t get enough of this place. I hope you feel the same, because I have more pictures of us wandering around.

Kicking snow into the creek.

Love this view.

Rocks, sticks and boys.

The swans are back, and in the lagoon.

We stopped by Chadz on the way home to warm up and sip hot cocoa.

One thought on “Saturday stroll

  1. Trailer Camper

    Wow! That view is breath-taking! It almost looks surreal especially that photo with the swans. The kids are adorable! It looks like you guys had great fun when you were out here.

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